»There are so
many serious
things in the
I just choose
not to be one
of them.«

»There are so
many serious
things in the
I just choose
not to be one
of them.«





Fun, Fashion and flying cherubs – The new high fashion CYBEX X JEREMY SCOTT collection. The international Star of the Fashion Industry talks about his third collaboration with CYBEX.

You’ve been working as creative director at Moschino for three years now. What is special about working there? What do you enjoy most and what are the biggest challenges?

I love that my work is connecting with people around the world – that is to me the biggest compliment any designer can hope for, that his work is embraced around the world! I have great support at Moschino and am encouraged to follow my ideas and whimsy where ever my heart desires! There are not a lot a lot of designers that get that kind of support. My biggest challenge is trying to outdo the show prior, as I constantly try to set the bar higher for myself every season.

What’s the craziest piece you’ve designed in your time there?

I have to say the paper dolls collection was one of my very favorite and most challenging collections I’ve ever done and that’s one that I hold close to my heart!

How strongly has working at Moschino shaped you? Did you put your stamp on Moschino or was it the other way around?

I definitely have left my stamp on Moschino, and in the best way, as I’ve moved the brand onto a global stage like never before.

The new collection is your third for Cybex. Does the design process follow a certain narrative? Do your designs tell a story?

For me, my work is my way of communicating to the world, so I tell stories all the time – short ones, long ones, funny ones, moving ones and sometimes compelling ones – my designs convey sentiments beyond being just objects.

How important is humor in your creations? What kind of humor do you most like to integrate into your designs?

You can find humor in all aspects of my work its the way I see the world and how I choose to communicate my work back to the world.

What comes into your head when you think of the word »stroller«?

Duh – babies of course?!

In your opinion, what constitutes a modern stroller?

Not looking like it’s an industrial tool but a fun accessory to what you are already wearing and doing in your every day life.

What kind of people do you have in mind when you’re designing for CYBEX – who’s your target market?

Cool moms! Friends of mine who are having babies! Why should they have to scarfice, having an ugly stroller when they have impeccable style in every other choice they make in their life?

Is there a difference in your approach when you’re designing a bag, a T-shirt, a sneaker or a Cybex product?

Essentially no, it’s pouring my creativity into something and I look at creativity like water in a pitcher you can pour that water into a glass or a vase or a pool. It’s always still water no matter what shape it takes.

What is the significance of the current motifs and colours schemes?

As cherubs are known to be not only cute but a bit mischievous, I wanted to have them with a hip hop flare and have them with boomboxes and turn their bows and arrows into dollar signs – while wearing high tops!

One of your fundamental creative principles is turning things into toys, a central element of which is the choice of colour. What role does this play in the new Cybex collection?

As a designer, color is one of the tools that I use to complete my ideas. Specifically, for this cybex collection I wanted to play with the archetypes of newborns which are baby blue and pale pink.

You give your designs wings, in the truest sense of the word – also a symbol for dreamy escapism. What does that signify in the design of a stroller?

I’ve used wings in my work throughout my career in many different ways and incarnations. For the stroller, adding the wings is a nod to the fabled chubby cherubs who represent little bundles of joy in our fairy tales.

Imagine you are walking through Palm Springs with the Cybex stroller you created: What would the headlines be?

I think that the mere fact that someone would be walking in Palm Springs would make the headlines – its so damn hot there!

The Collection

American designer and Creative Director of Moschino Jeremy Scott is no stranger to challenging the status quo. That’s why he’s dressed some of the world’s biggest and most rebellious stars, including Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. While his high fashion creations are typically characterized by humor and visual extravagance, they are also underscored by a distinct respect for functionality.